Help STOP ocean plastic, by empowering communities to bring dignity to recycling.

Help to increase the reward recycler receive. This is how we make plastic waste too valuable to enter the ocean.

Empower people to recycle ocean-bound plastic.

Help create new recycling entrepreneurs around the world.

Help create new Social Plastic recycling ecosystems.

Help improve vulnerable communities in need.

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Global Donations

The Social Plastic Foundation is a charity established to support, enhance & grow the world’s Social Plastic recycling ecosystems. These are recycling communities in developing regions that utilize The Plastic Bank’s recycling reward & incentive platform to improve livelihoods while preventing ocean plastic.

All donations go towards increasing the rewards received by ‘recycling entrepreneurs’ in developing countries. This is how we make plastic waste too valuable to enter the ocean and provide life-changing opportunities at the same time. The Social Plastic Recycling Foundation is a registered Canadian charity. At this time we are only able to issue charitable receipts to Canadians. Together we can help STOP ocean plastic while improving peoples lives through Social Plastic.

Donate a service or resource to the cause.

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