How ocean pollution affects humans

What can we all do to help keep our oceans clean?

  • Keep the beaches clean – We know you’re taking your trash home with you; so why not pick up a few pieces while you’re there?
  • Reuse and recycle – Try to avoid packaging whenever you can. Carry a reusable water bottle and grocery bag then recycle whatever you can.
  • Use your buying power to create change -&nbsp: One of the most effective ways to prevent plastic waste is making sure your purchasing decisions reduce the amount of new plastic being created.

Recycled plastic prevents the need to manufacture new material, but Social Plastic keeps plastic out of the ocean.

Social Plastic is collected in vulnerable coastal communities throughout the world. It creates income for the people who need it most and they make sure that pollution doesn’t end up in the ocean.


You can GATHER TOGETHER with us by donating to the cause, proving the demand on Facebook, or asking a brand to use Social Plastic® on Twitter.

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